Working for a purpose.

With the death of my dad came a lot of bills. I’ve been working 5-6 shifts a week to make extra to pay on his bills. I’ve miss him everyday but I know he is proud of my for continuing to stay sober.

Today is Fathers Day. My first of many without him. I of course worked to keep my mind and body busy.

With the covid I had quit exercising. It didn’t help that the gyms also had to close. The last few weeks I’ve picked up trying to get my steps in daily. It’s really hard with working so much but I’m doing it. I’m also drinking a lot of water.

This past week steps. 🙂

It’s good we only have to be sober for today and only one day at a time. If I tried to focus on to much I would be overwhelmed and probably drink. I have the gift of living only one day at a time. Sometimes I feel like I’m living one hour or even one minute at a time. I also thank god every night that he help me stay sober and I can go to sleep sober.