Isolation and Covid 19

My last day at my previous employment was March 21st. I was suppose to start working at my new job on March 29th. I went to get my TB skin test on March 25th. Upon walking in the facility I had to answers questions one being “Have you had contact with a positive Covid 19 patient?” To which I had to answer yes. I was pulled to a covid 19 floor my last day of work and was in contact with 2 positive patients.

They immediately isolated me. Even though while taking care of these patients I was in full PPE (personal protective equipment). PPE keeps healthcare employees safe while delivering care. They asked me to leave and would call me with the next step for my employment. They called me the next day and said because of the exposure I couldn’t start work for 14 days. Their decision was if I was already an employee and wore my new employment PPE then I could continue to work. They decided since I was exposed from an outside organization I would have to wait 14 days to start working. I don’t like it but have to respect the decision.

As of yesterday my previous employer has had 45 positive employees of covid 19. My new employer has only have 6 positive employee cases. This does give me some comfort that they are doing the best to protect the employees. It’s not been easy being stuck at home.

The decision made my new employer made me disclose this to my PRN employer. They have since concluded they would prefer me to also stay home for a total of 14 days. I feel honesty is the best policy.

I will be able to go back to work at my new employer on April 4th. I should add it’s not a new position. Just the job I left when I decided to move to Louisville. Everyone is so excited I’m back to the Lexington area. All my previous co workers are excited I’m back and I’m exited to be back with them.

My time at home has been spent unpacking and organizing my home. I’ve been cooking and attending a lot of zoom meetings. I’m lucky I got my tax refund before this state lockdown. So I can finically be ok with taking two weeks off work for now. I’ve got about 10 more boxes left to unpack. Today I was finally delivered the bookshelves I needed to unpack but I don’t have a screwdriver or hammer. So I will have to wait to unpack the rest until I can get those. You can bet on the 4th after I work I will pick those up and start putting these bookshelves together.

Stay safe everyone during this trouble time.

❤️ ☀️