Busy Bee

I’ve been busy with the move and then being sick. I still haven’t got everything unpacked yet. When I decided to move in with my boyfriend last year I was able to donate many things to a females sober living house.

Thankfully with being sober I was able to work extra shifts and replace those things I donated. I did have to sleep on my couch for a few weeks but I appreciated getting my new mattress so much.

My boyfriend and I couldn’t make things work so yesterday we finally decided to split. I’m going to have to stay at my brothers house until I finally can transfer back to my old job. It’s a 3 hour trip from my house to my current job. It’s only 1 hour from my brothers house. Today I went and finished all the drug screens, background checks, immunization checks and T Spot testing. Hopefully I’ll get my start date soon.

Breaking up hurt a little bit. We were together for 2 years. I cried a little bit but I’m very strong. I’ve built up a community of friendships through my AA program and was able to lean on them. It made getting through yesterday much easier. We all need a little support sometimes.