The last couple weeks has been a blur! I moved back home. I never realized how homesick I really was. My son is loving being close to his grandparents. I have also loved all the help they are giving me!

I was able to plan a dinner with my mom. Then I was hit with a little stomach bug. My mom had to end up driving me home because I kept vomiting. Then I aspirated some of my vomit. Gross I know.

My esophagus is really messed up. I had breast cancer many years ago. One of my treatments was radiation therapy. It not only burned my skin but my esophagus was fried. I couldn’t drink sugar drinks anymore or carbonation because it hurt so bad. So I learned to like unsweetened tea and I gave up sodas. During my treatments I lived on pretty much a liquid diet.

Food sometimes gets stuck in my throat. I can usually get it out with a weird cough. It’s the only way I can explain it. There has been a couple times food has got lodged in my esophagus and I’ve had to had surgical intervention to remove the food. They have had to stretch my esophagus due to strictures.

I try stick to soft foods. If I do eat a steak I have to be very careful and chew extra. My favorite food is raw carrots so I have to extra careful with those.

So why am I talking about all this? I’ve got pneumonia again. From aspirating when I vomited. It sucks. It’s 64 outside and I want to hike but I’m stuck I side while I heal. I’ve got boxes still to unpack.

But I’m sober. So I can’t complain.