The last few weeks have been tough. After living a few months in the city I’ve decided to move home. It’s funny because I’ve spent over 30 years trying to move away from that hometown. I remember as a teenager telling my mom I could wait to grow up and move away.

Since being sober I’ve formed a relationship with my mother. I want to be able to spend as much time with her as possible. When I was drinking I always pushed her away and that was my fault.

My son has a close relationship with his grandparents. This is because when he was younger they pretty much raised him because I was drinking. They cared for him when I couldn’t. Taking him for visiting and seeing the pain on all of their faces when we leave is to much. Being back home means that he can see them every day if he wants.

I’ve had my house on the market for five months now. I’ve had a few offers but never could sell it. This is god doing for me what I couldn’t do for myself. I didn’t want to let go of the property because it was HOME. It’s the one place I’ve always felt welcome.

This weekend I called my previous manager and she said I could have my old job back. This is great news. So now all I have to do is pack and rent a moving truck.

Yesterday I broke the news to my boyfriend. We have been living together since December. We have dated for 2 years. He doesn’t want to leave the city and move away from his dad. I asked him to give my hometown a chance and he isn’t willing. It hurts a little because I have given the city a try. I gave up my job and I moved. I’m not going to build up a resentment. I know he feels close to his dad like the connection I’ve build with my mother. Just like the one my son has build with his grandparents.

Please pray for me as I work this transition out over the next couple of weeks. I really feel this is the best for my son, myself and my sobriety.

There is now place like HOME.

My backyard at HOME!