Valentines Day

So it’s officially the day of love. People have rushed out to buy flowers and chocolates. Those receiving them take pictures of these display of love and post them on social media sites. Those bitter about the holiday are posting about “Happy Single Awareness Day” and “Happy Independence Day.”

Last year I couldn’t wait for this day. It was my 90 days sober. At the meeting I attended they give out red chips for 90 days of sobriety. Fitting that I would get a red chip on the day of love. ❤️.

This year I’m still sober and very grateful for another valentines sober. Tomorrow I will get my son a valentines card and some chocolates. It’s half price the next day. He doesn’t care it’s a day later and I save money. We never really celebrated the holiday on the correct day as he grew up. I normally worked the holiday so celebrating late was really out only option.

I hope everyone makes it through this holiday sober. You can do it!