Forgetful Friday

Today I’m just feel blah. It’s raining and it’s cold outside. I also jammed my knee this morning getting out of bed.

I forgot my badge to work so I had to pay $5.00 to get out of the parking garage. Then I also forgot my water at home when I went to the gym. I’m labeling today forgetful Friday.

I also got two of the three W-2s today. I know a lot of people love tax time but I dread it. I claim single and no deductions and pay the most throughout the year. Still I have to pay back more every year. It would be better for me to not work as much throughout the year. I need to sit down with an accountant and figure out that sweet spot for me to be in. Until then I hate this time of year.

With jamming my knee this morning I wasn’t able to hit it as hard as I wanted to at the gym today. Which is adding to my blah feeling. I’m an alcoholic so I want to do everything to the extreme. My body is aging and setting limitations on what I can do. Nothing I can do about it except accept the facts. I have to slow down.