Little Gains

I was able to do something today I’ve never been able to do before. I completed 40.23 miles on a bike. I burned 1455 calories (per the bike). I completed this in 3.5 hours. I’m able to do this because I’m sober. I also eat better. Fast food is limited to once or twice a month. It’s also cheaper to fix dinner at home than eat out.

Before becoming sober my body was in a constant dehydrated state. I had to take a beta blocker daily to help control my heart rate. To walk short distances I would get short of breath. I remember a few times when I would try to talk to someone after walking I could feel my heart beat in my neck. I would have to paused sometimes when talking with people to catch my breath. My life was a cycle of bing drinking every night and then trying to rehydrate myself the next day.

I no longer have to take a beta blocker. I’m off all medication. I have been off that since last summer. I still take a multi vitamin daily but I do that on my own not because a doctor prescribes it to me. My face use to be constantly reddened. I still have some redness to my face but it’s no longer as defined.

Since moving to the city my new employment requires a health assessment to be completed by a doctor to receive $70 off a month of my insurance premiums. Today I’ve scheduled my appointment. It’s set for February 28th. I’m really interested to see all my labs. I’m hoping for a clean bill of health. I know the years I drank abused my body. I’m just hoping for some good news.

A good liver function panel would be a blessing. I also ready to completely face any bad news. I’ve never had my liver checked. My cardiologist that put me on the beta blocker only check a CBC (complete blood count) and a TSH (thyroid check). I’ve not had a complete physical in many years. We shall see. I’m just grateful for the accomplishment of the day.