Slow Day

Yesterday we had snow flurries. It was cold outside so I stayed inside. It picked up a little. Did a little laundry. Basic house cleaning things. Clean out the kitty litter box. Then I got bored.

So I fought the cold and went to the gym. I worked out my typical two hours. I was feeling good. Then I slipped down the basement steps while going down to get the laundry.

I’ve been battling some static pain in my right hip off and on since I’ve started exercising again. I was in a car accident many years ago which dislocated my hip. Since then I’ve battled this pain but not as often as recently.

I can go to the doctor. Which they will give me pain medication which will make me want to drink. I’ve had this pain on and off for years and they always place me on steroids and pain medication. My other option is to rest it a few days and hopefully it will get better.

So rest is my option for right now. On the positive side my home is clean. I’ve got a trip coming up to Nashville and I want to be able to enjoy myself. One of the places we are planning on going is the mall and it’s suppose to be pretty large. I’m going to need a healthy hip to be able to walk around it. So rest and heat it is.