Good Bye Sweet Pea

Today I’ve cried until my body can’t cry anymore. The last few weeks have been hard. Our sweet dog went suddenly blind in one eye. She continue to decline from there.

We took her to one vet and they said sometimes dogs go blind. Her pupil was reacting to light in the other eye. So we took her home and baby proofed the house. She was leaning to one side and running into walls and tables. We made sure she was safe from all cords. We were concerned about her going completely blind because she was already deaf.

Then she started having accidents. We had her for 15 years so this was strange behavior for her. We were afraid she was becoming a diabetic because she was also drinking a lot of water also. So we rushed her to the vet (a different one because the other one wasn’t opened). They drew her blood and we waited for the results. She was not diabetic. They thought it might be related to her blindness and being dizzy. They did offer us some hope. We started her on a antibiotic doxycycline, steroids and Pepcid. They were thinking she had an inflammatory response and maybe the meds would help.

She did not. She continue to decline. The last three nights we held onto hope that the medication would start to kick in. Waking all hours and being with her like a new born baby.

I went to work at 7am. I just started my new job and I couldn’t call in to stay with her. At noon I got the call that she was no longer standing on her own and panting. She was almost lethargic. It was time to do the right thing and let her go. My boyfriend, his dad and my son took her to the vet. She was laid to rest.

Coming home to not having her feels so empty. It’s quiet. Sadness fills the house. Even the cat is looking for her. She was part of the family.