Yesterday I had my first jui-jutsu class. Pretty sure I used some muscles I’ve not used in a long time. It was fun and different than my usual workout at the gym. They gave me free classes for the next 10 days so I’m going to try to attend a few more before I have to make a commitment.

I work out regularly at the gym. I’ve been doing this for a couple months. Becoming sober I’ve gained so much weight. I’ve heard a lot of people lose weight. I was not so lucky. I’ve been down in the dumps about how little weight I’ve lost.

I’m in limbo trying to figure out if I need to work out more or change my diet around. I’m an alcoholic so something simple I overdo.

Excising done help me focus more. It makes me feel better overall. It also helps me not think about drinking. After so many years of pouring poison into my body I have to take care of it. I want results but taking like my sobriety, “one day at a time”.