Things have been busy for the last few weeks. Also crazy. Back in November I was attending every meeting at 12 and 7 on Wednesday-Friday. Sometimes I was able to squeeze in a meeting on a Tuesday.

After a few years of dating, my boyfriend and I decided to move in. So the first week of December I moved. Also with careful planning. The second week I started my new job. I went from being able to attend on average 6 meetings a week to only getting to 1-2 a week.

I was blessed I was able to get to my original home group on Thursday and then also the pot luck on Friday. I wasn’t able to attend any in the new town I’m living in.

My boyfriend has been nagging on me to attend more meetings here locally. I want to but even the ones I’ve attended are not like my home group. I believe he is afraid I’m on my way to a relapse. My sobriety is still number one in my life. Without it I wouldn’t have a life.

I’m going to have to figure out a way to get more meeting in here locally. One that I love just like my home group. Trying to find that happy balance again.