Since moving I’ve been attending meeting locally. Today I got to go “home”. The meeting where I became sober. My home meeting is small. The town I’m in now there are meeting all over the town. Some places have more than one meeting in the day.

Meeting are like my medicine for my alcoholism. If I was a diabetic I would have to take medicine to survive. Without my meeting I’m not treating my alcoholism.

When I go to a meeting I try to get something out of it. A word or a phrase I can write down into my notebook so when I’m weak I can review and become stronger.

A few weeks ago I told my sponsor about missing my home meetings. She told me this was normal. She told me even though a lot of the people have changed she still enjoys visiting the group where she became sober.

I’m thankful to be able to go home today. Some say you will go to any length for sobriety. For me this also means going home.