Christmas Day

I was able to sleep in on this holiday. I awoke around 10:00. My son is 19 this holiday. I was able to take him home yesterday to visit with his grandparents from his fathers side of the family.

My mom wanted me to stay the night with her yesterday. I almost stayed the night with her. Then my brother pulled out some whiskey from the freezer. I knew my son was celebrating with his dads parents and would enjoy staying the night with them. I could have stayed and drank with my family but I had a little surprise for my son and I didn’t want to ruin that.

Life is hard for my son. He has anthropophobia. Which is fear of people. He won’t go into stores or talk to anyone except his grandparents and me. He won’t see a therapist regularly. He isolates himself and it’s hard to see him struggle.

I was able to get him a $25 card for Christmas so he could purchase some new music. I gave it to him in the car on the way home yesterday. He loves music. Particularly music with no words. You would have though I given him the world.

I’m blessed I’m sober to remember this Christmas. I’m going to keep going and next year I’ll put up a tree. I walked down into the basement to see if my son was up. He was scrolling through and listening to music. He was happy. That is my gift this Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone.