Christmas Eve Eve

So it’s December 23. This year I haven’t put up a Christmas tree yet. Last year my son and I only put up a 2 foot already made tree from a chain store. I moved at the beginning of the month and still haven’t found that little tree. I’ve given up any chance of finding it this year. My son doesn’t really want to put up the tree anyways.

With the move money has been tight. It would have been even tighter if I was still drinking. I managed to get a few gifts for my family. Even though this Christmas is a poor Christmas I’m more rich in many ways.

I’ve got a job when so many who are jobless want. I’ve got a roof over my head that the homeless want. I’ve got food in my belly and refrigerator that the hungry want. I’ve got relationships and true friends. That is the joy that sobriety has given me. I’m rich with many things. The best thing of all is I get to share the hope of sobriety with many.