One Day at a Time

One of the simplest things about staying sober is I only have to do it one day at a time. I don’t have to worry about tomorrow or two weeks. Only today.

When I first became sober I thought it would be impossible to stay sober for a week let alone a year. All the old timers had multiple years under their belt and I wanted what they had. Being an alcoholic means I do everything to the extreme. When they said pray, I would pray 10 times harder. When they said go to 90 meeting in 90 days I did 180 in 90 days. I wanted to be sober as much as I wanted to drink. It was a battle between good and evil.

All the things the old timers told me to do helped me in the beginning. It’s what I needed. I needed direction because the direction I had taken my life down was a path of misery.

What I also found was the old timers laughed and enjoyed meetings. I felt like being sober at the beginning was a life sentence of being a boring old maid. They found joy and happiness in being sober. I thought that never entered my mind. How did they do it? Simple, one day at a time. I could also have this happiness and joy of I worked for it.