I was at the grocery store and ran into an acquaintance. She talked about how she was caring for her grandsons infant child. She spoke of his drug addiction. She called him hopeless.

I thought about that word “hopeless” before I replied. I told her how I don’t believe anyone is hopeless if they still have one breath left in them. I’m sure some thought I was hopeless for a time. I am here still breathing and trying to do the next right thing. Keeping the side of my street clean.

I gave her the best advice I could give her. Pray for him and also attend a meeting for families. Families cannot understand the addiction of others. Everyone goes through addiction in their own way even though they may use the same substance. Everyone rock bottom is different that the others. That does not make them hopeless.

I hate the addiction but I love the solution. That solution is recovery. Everyone’s road to recovery is different. Some may get it the first time around or it may take many trips to get it right. The point is we keep trying.

So today I added him to my prayer list even though I don’t know his name. I also added his family. Also like always I will continue to pray for those who suffer in and out of addiction. I am hopeful.