Accept Life on Life’s Terms

Today I’ve had to accept life on life’s terms.

Since becoming sober I’ve put on a fair amount of weight. Eating sweets have helped calm my cravings for alcohol at times. My priority was focused on staying sober.

I’ve decided I wanted to get healthy. I have a passion for hiking and losing weight would make longer hikes possible. Right now I can hike 3-4 miles before I’m tired. So I’ve joined a gym and have been exercising.

I was sore the first few days but was able to push through it. For several weeks I’ve been pushing and pushing myself. Yesterday I had to ride a bike instead of walking my normal miles on the treadmill. My leg just felt weak and then today I’ve had to rest it all day.

I wanted to work out today. I’m an alcoholic I like to do everything to the extreme. Just because I was unable to workout today doesn’t mean I’m a failure for today. Just that I need to accept life on life’s terms. My body isn’t what it was like when I was a teenage or in my 20s.

I now know my limits on exercising. I have to respect my body limitations.